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Youth Fire Starters




  The consequences of juvenile fire-setting can be tragic and costly. In a typical year, fires set by children
and youth claim the lives of approximately 300 people and have destroyed over billions of dollars worth of property. Children are the predominant victims of these fires, accounting for 85 of every 100 lives lost.

A thorough understanding of juvenile fire-setting, including why children and youth set fires, is key to curbing this destructive behavior.

  Partnerships for Youth at Risk provide intervention, diversion, education & prevention to youth and their families experiencing problems with fire-setting and other high risk activities.

  • Children who are playing with matches, lighters, false alarms, prank 911 calls, damage fire equipment, threaten persons or buildings, fireworks, bombs, discharge fire extinguishers and other high risk activities
  • Children who are curious or in crisis and are between the ages 5-17 who are experiencing at risk behaviors
  • Since established in 2000 as the Youth Firesetting Intervention Program, the PFYR has seen over 2000 children and their families.

  • 7 Days a Week On-line Information
  • Fire Risk Assessment by PFYR Staff (Fee)
  • Court & School Mandated Program
  • Documentation of Participation
  • In-Service, Consultations & Training
  • Multi-agency – Multi-Services Program
  • Screening and Counseling Referrals

  Monthly Mandated Program
  Referring Agencies:
Fire Departments, Police Departments, Department of Juvenile Justice Services, Department of Child and Family Services, School Districts, Counselors & Family Therapists, are all considered Referring Agencies.

After a Referring Agency has sent in a completed Referral Form, incident report and additional documentation to the program, parents or the legal guardians will receive a letter from us called a First Notice; this notice will explain how they register for classes. All registration is completed on-line at the website listed on the reverse page.

  Class Information

To be determined


All agencies must send a referral prior to the child being registered for the program. An electronic copy of the referral form can be e-mailed to the agency (please use the e-mail below for this request). Clark County Juvenile Justice referrals are compiled on the Family Tracks System. Approximately 25 - 30 families registered each month for this program.


Parents or guardians must register
See Registration section of website for contact information


  Agency & Department Partners - State-wide:

Fire Departments (7), Henderson Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, School Districts (2), Juvenile Justice Services; Local, State & Federal law enforcement & fire agencies; Leadership Builders; Certified Fire Protection Services; State Fire Marshal’s Office; Safe Kids Coalition Clark County; Center for Health and Learning.



E-Mail Address:    |    Phone: 702-267-2284


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Partnerships for Youth at Risk
Mail Stop: 133
P.O. Box 95050
Henderson, NV 89009-5050

Phone: 702.267.2284

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